[How To] Change/reset/update cPanel password from command line

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If you do not have access to WHM then cPanel password for a particular account can be updated from shell with root access. The following steps should help you to change  / reset / update cPanel password of particular account from shell: 1) Access the server as a root user through SSH 2) Execute following command /scripts/chpass username password where …

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Qmail commands and logs in Plesk Linux server

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Plesk uses Qmail as mail server on a Linux server. Here are some useful commands related to Qmail mail server. Hope you find them informative and helpful ! 🙂 1) Start Qmail service service qmail startservice qmail start 2) Stop Qmail service service qmail stopservice qmail stop 3) Status of Qmail service service qmail statusservice qmail status 4) Qmail log …

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