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email-alerts-mobile-150x150I am extremely excited to let you know geeky guys that Blackberry is not only the option for emails now...

After experimenting for some days, here is the cool way to get email alert of any email service provider on your  mobile by sms.

Tests were conducted with way2sms and Windows live hotmail and was observed that hotmail is more secured and handy for receiving email mobile alerts on mobile than way2sms.

I will explain both the ways of working step by step.

Let start with Hotmail first

1) First of all you need a hotmail id

2) After creating a hotmail id, go to your gmail , yahoo or any email service provider email id.

3) Look for forward mail option under settings and add your hotmail email id, don't forget to verify email id and save the settings properly.

4) Login into Windows Live Hotmail account & goto inbox.

5) Click on Options > More Options (at extreme right below logout option).

6) Click on “Mobile alerts for new messages” option. which is second last option under “Customize your mail”.



7) Click on setup mobile SMS option (or click here). Enter mobile phone number and then select your service provider from the drop down menu.

8) You will receive a verification code via SMS on your mobile. Enter that code and then click on next.










9) Now goto “Mobile alerts for new messages” option under “Customize your mail” and customize different settings for which you should receive mobile alerts like receive alerts only for emails from specific contacts, etc. You will receive a sms alert when any email comes in the hotmail inbox now.

Now, lets see how to receive email alerts using way2sms

1) Just log on to & register for an account. May be you have one.

2) Then log in to your account. You will encounter a lot of advertisements as the site is heavily loaded with them. Just ignore them (to get something for free, it’s not a big amount).

3) Now look at the top right pane of the dashboard. Click on Mail.

4) In the mail section, on the left sidebar, click on Mail alerts. Here you can activate the mail alerts so that whenever a mail reaches your inbox, you will instantly get a sms.In way2sms, when you activate mail alerts, they are activated for a period of 14 days, after which you have to activate it again. I dont think its a big issue because only two times a month, you need to do this. Also, even if you go for a vacation, 14 days is a long time for the need to again activate the mail alerts.

Now, let you have an email account [email protected] You want to get the mail alerts for this mail address. Not to worry. Just forward your mails to the way2sms mail account you just created & you are done. Each time you get an email in your [email protected] account, it gets forwarded to your way2sms account & you get an sms alert with the senders name & subject.

When we forward mails from one account to other, the senders name is retained in the mail, i.e. the mail reaching your way2sms account will not have [email protected] as sender, but the original sender.
In Gmail, Yahoo & others, you may find the Mail Forwarding option in the settings.Just go to settings, forward all your mails to your way2sms mail account & you are done. Please check the address carefully if you don’t want your mails forwarded to a wrong mail address.

Note: This service is currently for Indian subscribers as way2sms supports only Indian Mobile Networks at the moment. However if you are from some other country, you may have your country specific counterpart of way2sms.

Now, the ball is on your court and you can choose any option to receive email alerts on your mobile. 😉

If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

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  1. it worked for me. thanks

  2. Very nice feature, but I think the best option is It works even better.


  3. @ Ashwin and Rafal,
    Thank you for sharing the sites. This will definitely benefit all of us. 🙂

  4. sms send verification Yahoomail

  5. This SMS service has been stopped now.

    I apologize for the delay in responding to your concern.

    Please be noted that rules are not applied to any IM or Text message.

    Mobile alert feature is being discontinued as of May 31. You will not receive text messages on your phone when a new mail, Messenger social or Skydrive comment arrives or to remind you of calendar events. Please remember Outlook, Hotmail (including Calendar), Messenger and SkyDrive may be accessed directly from your phone or phone’s web browser. For more info, see Outlook on your smartphone, Get Hotmail on your phone, Get Messenger on your phone, and Get SkyDrive on your phone.

    Although you will not receive text message alerts, you may be able access Hotmail with your phone directly by going to

    We are continuously improving our services to focus on the needs and usage patterns of our users. We have no additional announcements at this time, however.

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