[How To] Get 50GB Dropbox free storage space

The mobile companies like Samsung, HTC are providing 50GB dropbox storage space for some specific mobile handsets. Dropbox is really useful in many terms.

When you register at Dropbox, it initially provided 2GB of storage space. This is the moment when you feel cheated as the commitment was of 50GB.

There is nothing to worry as you can avail 50GB Dropbox space after logging in your dropbox account and completing some simple steps.


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Once you are logged in your Dropbox account, go to "get started" option.

You will find various options which will help you to gain 50GB space. Just complete any 5 steps and you will avail 50GB Dropbox instantly.

You can get more than 50GB on inviting your friends to join Dropbox.

Note: The account validity is of two years only. The method of getting the 50GB of space may change anytime.

Hope this helps!

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  1. I prefer copy.com. Quite new, but perhaps the new dropbox.

    If you register with the link below you get 20 GB instead of 15 GB.

    Furthermore you earn 5 GB ! of extra free storage for yourself each time you introduce someone new to Copy. This is a limited time opportunity during the promotion phase.

  2. soo nice

  3. Free Dropbox Cloud-Space

    Get free Cloud Storage and Cloud-Sync for all your devices

  4. A me ne ha dati solo 250 MB... perchè??????

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