Motorola G5 plus software update in India

The most awaited software update for Motorola G5 plus mobile phone has been rolled out in India from May 2017.

All you want to know about software update information !

Software Version: NPN25.137-67


This update introduces changes including the following:

Improved audio in video capture: We have introduced changes that improve the audio recorded during video capture with the smartphone's camera.
Data traffic improvements: We have introduced changes that improve the data traffic of the smartphone.
Stability improvements: Includes changes that fix bugs and improve the stability of your phone

The updates are rolled in batches so all users will not receive the software update at once.

If your phone is part of the batch then you will be able to see software update icon on your mobile in the notification bar. Users can also check manually for the software updates.

NOTE: You cannot downgrade to a previous software version after installing this update.

Source - Motorola website

Steps to check and install update:

  1. Navigate to Settings - About Phone - System Updates and you will get below information if software update is available for your device.


2. Click on YES,I'M IN option to proceed with the software update.

3. The update will be downloaded on your device.

4. Post download completion, you will get below option

5. If you wish to proceed with installation then click on INSTALL option else click on LATER option.

6. If you choose to install later then following screen will appear where you can schedule the installation.

7. Installation will take minimum 20 minutes and it is fast as compared to previous Motorola mobile phones. Do not switch off mobile as it will take some time to install updates.

8. The following details should be available post successful update.

Hope it helps!

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