nameserver: reload skipped on server (nameserver disabled)

cpanel logoIf you are using cPanel and Linux server, you may face error while restarting named / bind service after making changes in the zone file

nameserver: reload skipped on server (nameserver disabled) 

while saving changes in zonw filw from WHM


Bind reloading on server1 using rndc zone: []
Bind reloading on server2 using rndc zone: []
Bind reload skipped on newserver(nameserver disabled)

while restarting bind/named service from shell.

You can fix this error by two ways.

First one which is easy and quick:

  • Login to WHM as a root user and go to service manager.
  • Check if bind service is enables or not, if not enable it.
  • bind/named service will restart successfully.

Second way:

  • Login to server as a root user using shell
  • Check for files


The above files should not exist on the server if they are then remove them.

  • Restart bind/named service

If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

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