[How To] Disable SSLv3 for Apache in WHM cPanel

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After HeartBleed, Poodle (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) is another exploit recently discovered affecting SSL version3. To disable SSL version 3 for Apache in WHM cPanel, you can follow below steps: 1) Login in WHM and go to Service Configuration > Apache Configuration > Include Editor 2) Click on the Pre Main Include and select All Versions option from …

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[How To] Fix Shell Shock Bash vulnerability Linux

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A vulnerability Shell Shock CVE-2014-6271) was discovered on September 24th, in the Bash shell on Linux/Unix based servers. Overview GNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-025 processes trailing strings after certain malformed function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to write to files or possibly have unknown other impact via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors …

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[How To] Install Skype 4.3 on Ubuntu 10.04/12.04/12.10/13.10/14.04

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Skype has stopped supporting older version than 4.3 due to the new security implementations. This has forced many Ubuntu users to upgrade the Skype version to at least 4.3. To install Skype 4.3 on Ubuntu Desktop 10.04/12.04/12.10/13.10/14.04: 1) Remove older version of skype sudo apt-get remove skype skype-bin sudo apt-get remove skype skype-bin 2) Download the package from official skype link …

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[Solved] libxslt is missing. please visit http://nokogiri.org

While installing Nokogiri on Ubuntu, you may get stuck with error libxslt is missing. please visit http://nokogiri.org/ The error occurs due to missing dependencies required for installing Nokogiri on Ubuntu. Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install libxslt-dev libxml2-devsudo apt-get install libxslt-dev libxml2-dev Install Nokigiri: sudo gem install nokogirisudo gem install nokogiri The more information related to Nokogiri installation can be found …

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