MySQL Got error 28 from storage engine [Resolved]

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The MySQL database backup can be taken using mysqldump command from command line in a Linux server. Sometimes, the following error may occur while taking database backup "'Got error 28 from storage engine' when trying to dump tablespaces" Though the error does not provide much information, the issue is related with the disk space on the server. In this case …

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How to make directory writable by non-root users

To make folder writable by all the selected non-root users, group can be used in which specific non-root users will be added in the group. The following steps requires root user privileges and can be followed in Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and RedHat 1) Create a group: sudo groupadd <groupname> 2) Add user to the group: sudo useradd -g <username> <groupname> …

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[How To] install RabbitVCS SVN client on Ubuntu


RabbitVCS is an alternative to TortoiseSVN for Linux distributions. It has clean GUI integrated with shell and capable of doing almost all the activities offered in TortoiseSVN. Installing RabbitVCS on Ubuntu sometimes goes bad with lots if dependencies. But installing RabbitVCS through binaries is pretty easy. Following steps should help you in the same: 1) Install prerequisites: $ sudo apt-get …

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http upload error on image upload in Magento [Solved]

Magento admins may receive following error while uploading image files from Magento admin panel using image upload option: http upload error Such error is received due to 'n' number of reasons like folder permission, server PHP handler, etc and solutions for the same are easily available on web. But in my case, everything was fine still the issue was not …

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