WordPress admin-ajax.php causing high cpu load on the server

If you arw using wordpress blog for blogging, you might experience a very high number of hits to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. This can cause a very high load on the server, and if you are running your blog on a shared hosting platform, your hosting provider might even disable the script.To resolve this you can make the changes below to ensure the script exits quickly if no action is supplied with the file request.


Go to


and open the file in code editor like notepad++


Original code

15 define(‘WP_ADMIN’, true);


17 require_once(‘../wp-load.php’);


19 if ( ! isset( $_REQUEST['action'] ) )

20 die(‘-1');2122 require_once(‘./includes/admin.php’);


Replace with fixed code

15 define(‘WP_ADMIN’, true);


17 if ( ! isset( $_REQUEST['action'] ) )

18 die(‘-1');


20 require_once(‘../wp-load.php’);


22 require_once(‘./includes/admin.php’);



Note: This issue has been fixed from WordPress version 3.1.1


If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

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  1. Nice idea, btu I don't recommend fiddling with WordPress core files. You can fix this issue by disabling the WP heartbeat api in certain areas. ore info here:

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