How to set up a cron job on a site that's protected with .htaccess/.htpasswd?

To set a cron job on a website which is protected with .htaccess/.htpasswd password protection, instead of setting cron job as wget -O - -q -t or curl --compressed Set the cron job as below curl -u admin:PassworD --silent --compressed In the above cron, we have specified  .htaccess /.htpasswd protection. details where username is admin and password is …

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[How To] Set htaccess 301 redirect to new domain


The .htaccess is a powerful file and it can be used in many ways to do settings related to Domain, PHP, Apache, etc.. In this post, you will learn how to set permanent redirection (301) for the visitors visiting domain and ( with and without wwww) to using .htaccess re-write rules. Rewrite rule: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} …

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