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[How To] Google web fonts HTTPS (SSL) support

google web fonts logo

Google Web Fonts are widely used in the websites because of the large number of fonts availability. Most of the websites are using SSL to encrypt the connections (HTTPS) and some simple connections (HTTP). Google Fonts over  SSL (HTTPS) may not be served and in this case the website may look odd to the visitors in terms of the fonts. …

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[How To] Get 50GB Dropbox free storage space

The mobile companies like Samsung, HTC are providing 50GB dropbox storage space for some specific mobile handsets. Dropbox is really useful in many terms. When you register at Dropbox, it initially provided 2GB of storage space. This is the moment when you feel cheated as the commitment was of 50GB. There is nothing to worry as you can avail 50GB …

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[How To] Remove MobiTracker from Nokia phones

mobitracker image

Guys, I downloaded  MobiTracker from Nokia store on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and it worked for once or twice well. Suddenly, the application on opening started displaying blank screen and I was not able to remove it from application manager. This was the time when I realized that everything is messed up and I have to reset my phone formatting c …

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