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[How To] Hide last seen, profile photo, status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp - one of the widely used messaging application on Iphone and Android has finally introduced additional privacy features to making it more secure.

One can now choose who can/can not view profile photo, status and last seen on WhatsApp. This additional privacy features are available by updating WhatsApp to the latest version for both Iphone and Android.

For Android users, the latest version update is not available on Google Play Store yet. But one can download apk file from WhatsApp website and upgrade the version.

  1. On upgrading, go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  2. Under " WHO CAN SEE MY PERSONAL INFO", these new options will be available. Set them according to your need.

whatsapp privay settings


Note: You will not able to view last seen for particular contact or everyone if you decide to hide last seen for a particular contact or everyone.

Happy WhatsApping 😉

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