[How To] Find the current working shell

shell image

Sometimes working from command line might require to know which shell you are currently using. To find out the current working shell, below steps will be helpful: Try below command first: ps -p $$ Output: PID TTY TIME CMD 2248 pts/8 00:00:00 bash Another command which also works on MAC OS and other Linux distributions: echo $0 Output: -bash The …

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[Solved] SocketException Permission denied - CakePHP


CakePHP is a PHP development framework used in many projects. CakePHP supports sending mail via built in mail functions of PHP, smtp server. One may face following error message while sending mail: SocketException Permission denied - CakePHP The issue is related to the SELinux policy of the OS. SELinux forbid PHP/Apache to make network connections. In this case, one has …

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