[How To] Clear bash history in Linux

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Sometimes, sensitive commands are present in your server bash history. Another user logging in the server will be able to access history of your commands as Linux stores command in the .bash_history file of the user. To delete / clear the bash history of a user, execute following command: history -c && history -w The above command will clear bash ... Read More »

[How To] Enable MySQL Event Scheduler status

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The event scheduler in MySQL needs to be enabled for some applications to work flawlessly. In this case, a small change is required in the MySQL configuration file my.cnf. Steps: 1. Open my.cnf file in your favourite editor vi /etc/my.cnf 2. Add following line event_scheduler=on This will enable MySQL event scheduler on the server. 3. Restart MySQL service /etc/init.d/mysql restart ... Read More »

[How To] Allow htaccess override in Apache

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The htaccess override is by default disabled in the Apache Webserver. If you wish to enable htaccess override then small change is required in the Apache configuration file. 1) CentOS/RHEL: Backup the Apache configuration file "http.conf" Open the "http.conf" file in your favourite editor and look for the string "AllowOverride". Change it from "AllowOverride None" to "AllowOverride All". Make sure ... Read More »