Operating Systems

XZ utils backdoor ! Affected version and operating systems explained

A collection of free freeware command-line lossless data compressors, XZ Utils (formerly LZMA Utils) includes the programmes lzma and xz…

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How to fix touchpad right click not working on Fedora

If you are using the Fedora operating system on your laptop, and that too with a GNOME desktop, you may…

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[How To] Install H.265 HEVC codec on Ubuntu

The use of H.265/HEVC video codec is increasing day by day since it is easy to achieve the best video…

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[How To] Find the current working shell

Sometimes working from command line might require to know which shell you are currently using. To find out the current…

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[How To] Empty Trash in Ubuntu from command line

Ubuntu is one of the widely used desktop operating system in the open source world. Like Recycle Bin in Windows,…

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[How To] Find internal/external/public IP address on Linux

While working from shell with no GUI, you may need to check server internal & external / public IP address.…

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