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BlackBerry Mail Server IP range whitelist

While configuring email account on BlackBerry, the connection could not be successful sometimes even though all the settings are correct. Sometimes, the mails even drops in spam or blocked as spam by the spam filter. To avoid such problem, the BlackBerry mail server IP range should be whitelisted in the Iptables, CSF and Spam filter on the server. IP Address …

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[Solved] Error: no immediate delivery: more than 10 messages received in one connection

If you are receiving below error message in the exim log "Error: no immediate delivery: more than 10 messages received in one connection" then you will have to edit the exim configuration file and make some changes. 1) Login to the server via shell as a root user 2) Edit the exim configuration file using any favorite editor vi /etc/exim.conf …

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Qmail commands and logs in Plesk Linux server

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Plesk uses Qmail as mail server on a Linux server. Here are some useful commands related to Qmail mail server. Hope you find them informative and helpful ! 🙂 1) Start Qmail service service qmail startservice qmail start 2) Stop Qmail service service qmail stopservice qmail stop 3) Status of Qmail service service qmail statusservice qmail status 4) Qmail log …

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