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[How To] Enable MySQL Event Scheduler status

The event scheduler in MySQL needs to be enabled for some applications to work flawlessly. In this case, a small…

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[Solved] Another mysqld server running on port: 3306

MySQL is one of the most widely used open source relational database management tool (RDMS) based on structured query language…

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[How To] Reset MySQL root password

MySQL root password is important if you want to access phpMyAdmin, secure MySQL command prompt access, etc. In case one…

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MySQL ERROR 1381 (HY000): You are not using binary logging [Resolved]

The following MySQL error might occur if you are using MySQL replication and binary logs. mysql> show binary logs; ERROR…

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MySQL replication problem: ‘show master status’ shows ‘Empty set (0.00 sec)’

In MySQL replication, you setup master and slave MySQL server. On master server, while checking the master status, you might…

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[How To] Update or Change MySQL Server Time Zone

In this article will, we will go through the various options to change or update the MySQL server database timezone…

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