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Videocon D2H Channel Selection Process 2019

Targeted Country - India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has passed new regulations for Direct-to-Home (DTH), cable connections and IP TV providers for DTH service.

Videocon d2h is one of the DTH providers in India having substantial customer base. In this article we will share the steps to create your own Videocon D2H package according to new DTH rules & guidelines passed by TRAI.

The Videocon d2h portal for package selection is almost stable now. d2h customers can also send an email to [email protected] by proving the list of the channels / combos / bouquets that they want to subscribe.

Disclaimer - The article was last updated on 27 June 2019 to provide accurate information to the readers. Please drop in comments if you have something to say or find our article useful. Please note that Videocon d2h is making many changes in the channels and packages day to day. We should not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided here. However, we will try our best to provide the latest information.

Important Tips before selecting Videocon d2h channels and package:

  • Always  refer the various lists provided in step 2 below handy. The a-la-carte list will help to know which channels are not available on Videocon d2h platform.
  • Always select your language in the portal to get the preferred channels in the pack.
  • The Bouquets offered by broadcasters will contain many channels which are not available on Videocon d2h platform. You will still have to pay for such channels as it is a part of bouquet offered by broadcaster. In future, if any such channel is available on the platform then you will be able to view that channel without paying extra amount.
  • Try selecting the add-ons packs as these packs are created based on the genre and available on Videocon d2h platform.
  • Don't forget to take the screenshots of the selections and final price.

Steps to create Videocon d2h package as per TRAI's new DTH rule 2019

Step 1:

  • Disable popup blocker and ad blocker in the browser.
  • Login into the Videocon d2h Subscriber Corner account using link .

Step 2:

Before starting with creation of your own pack, check out the various packs and bouquets offered by various broadcasters, Combo's by Videocon d2h, a-la-carte and FTA channels list and pricing provided at Consumer Corner using link

Tip - This will help at the time of package creation where a subscriber can cut down the cost by selecting combination of Bouquets + d2h Combos + a-la-carte.

Step 3:

From my account portal, click on "Create your Own Package" option to create your own Videocon d2h package by selecting channels, packs, combos, etc.

Link -

Step 4:

You will be redirected to a new page where you will get various options. First choose your zone from "Select your zone" option.


  • Depending on the selection you will be shown all the available options.

Step 5:

  • By default all the packs are listed with their respective pricing excluding GST.
  • Click on the Bouquets option to select bouquets provided by various broadcasters.
  • Click on the Add-ons to select various add-ons curated by Videocon d2h.
  • Click on D2H Combo option to select various combos offered by Videocon d2h.
  • To see the list of channels offered by particular bouquet / combo / add-on, click on the i option available above the channel price of that particular bouquet. The popup will display channels present in that particular bouquet. Alternatively, list of channels is also available at d2h consumer corner page.
  • On your right hand side, the cart details are updated depending on the selection.

Note : If you have already made a pack of your choice and wish to update pack then better to clear existing selected channels using Clear Section option present near PROCEED option.

Step 6:

  • Based on your choice, start selecting the channels. Get your socks pull up and try to utilize maximum benefit of the d2h combos, Bouquets and a-la-carte option.
  • You can also change the Basic Service Tier (BST) pack according to your region. Videocon d2h has disabled FTA channel selection from BST pack. Hence, all the channels under BST pack are mandatory now.


  • If you select any D2H combo pack then BST pack selection will be disabled This is because D2H Combo includes channels from BST & FTA too. For all other options, BST of Rs.130 + GST will be charged separately. The process may change anytime.
  • The good news is that you don't have to pay additional Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for first 75 paid channels. The base rate Rs.130 + GST  will include first 75 paid channels NCF charges too. Additional NCF charges will be applicable post first 75 paid channels as follows:

1-15 channels : NCF will be charged on per channel basis, at Re 1 per channel per month excluding GST.

16-25 channels : NCF will be charged in a lump sum amount, at Rs 20 per month excluding GST.

Step 7:

  • It's time to confirm the package by clicking on PROCEED option which will show package monthly rate including breakup like total channel count, price, NCF rate and GST applicable rate. Check out the below image for more details.
  • Once you are ready, click on the Submit option to confirm your package and you will receive success message as in below image. The new pack will get activated within 24 hours.


  • Clicking on OK will redirect to thank you page as in below image.


Step 8:

Important links for Videocon d2h customers:

How to raise a complaint with TRAI against DTH providers?

A customer should email to TRAI and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting with all the details and screen-shot.

TRAI Email ID : ap(at)trai(dot)gov(dot)in

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Email ID : jspna-moib[at]gov[dot]in

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    1. It is a good option but all the packs / channels may not be available on D2H platform. Also, I will suggest to give more preference to broadcaster packs as they are cheap if you want to include more channels in your plan. Again, please note that if you choose a broadcaster plan and if channels present in those plan are not available on D2H platform then still you have to pay complete amount. In this case, D2H combo plans is also a good option.

  1. I want to edit my channel list , but its showing only 5 channels instead of 15.
    When I edited channels online and submitted successfully the pop-up display "Thank you".
    But it's doesn't work.what should I do?

  2. Hi Abhijit...
    From past 15 days I am trying to recharge my d2h. I selected 11 channels but when I am going for the final payment like after refreshing my account the channel named "TOPPER" is getting selected by default. Do you have any idea of this? Please help

    1. Topper is a paid educational channel available from last 2-3 years. When you open Channel mapping portal you will get a pop up displaying current subscriberd channel. At the side of channel name you will see a delete option. If you get that option for Topper tv then delete it and choose your channels further. If no delete option is present then I think your account might be having a lock in period for Topper tv channel. Its better to check with customer care and remove the channel from package. Also, you may call Topper tv helpline, details provided on their website

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