cPanel Error "cpsrvd dead but pid file exists" [solved]

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Sometimes one might get error while restarting cPanel service from shell using as "cpsrvd dead but pid file exists". There is nothing to get panic, just follow the simple solution provided below:



[email protected][#]service cpanel status
cpsrvd dead but pid file exists
entropychat (pid 7397) is running...
melange is stopped
stunnel (pid 7523) is running...
interchange is stopped
qrunner is stopped


please check whether "cpsrvd" is running or not, using following command.

[email protected][#]ps aux|grep cpsrvd
root 25755 0.0 1.3 12664 7072 pts/0 S 04:31 0:00 cpsrvd - waiting for connections
root 30218 0.0 0.1 3012 724 pts/0 S+ 04:37 0:00 grep cpsrvd

If cpsrvd is running on the server then Iptables must be blocking the port cpanel currently running on and hence we need to disable the Default firewall of the Linux i.e., iptables.
But it is strongly recommended that firewall like CSF should be installed on the server to block "Failed Login Attempts".

Follow below steps :

[email protected][#]service iptables stop
[email protected][#]/usr/local/cpanel/cpsrvd
[email protected][#]service cpanel restart
[email protected][#]service cpanel status

If still the issue persist, edit the cpanel demon file :

[email protected][#]vi /etc/init.d/cpanel change

change "status cpsrvd" to "status cpsrvd-ssl" and save the changes.

[email protected][#]service cpanel restart
[email protected][#]service cpanel status

This will resolve the issue.

If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

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