[How To] Install Iptux on Linux

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Iptux is a free IP messenger application which can be used in internal network for chatting and file sharing purpose.
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to install Iptux using source and utilities like yum,apt-get,dpkg.

To install Iptux on Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS/RHEL using source:

1) Download the source from Google Code or Mediafire

2) Extract the archive.

2) Go to the Iptux directory.

3) Fire following command with root privileges.

make install

During installation, system may throw error due to missing dependencies. Install the dependencies to complete the installation.

4) Once the installation is complete, use following command to clean the binaries used during installation.

make clean

5) Start the Iptux from the Applications menu.

Alternately, you may also install Iptux using yum/apt-get/dpkg utilities.


 yum install iptux


apt-get install iptux

Note: The Iptux project has been moved to GitHub. You can also get the source code and installation steps at GitHub.

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  1. Terrific Post.thanks for share..much more wait ..

  2. I have checked out the iptux but it seems to be in another language like Chinese or Japanese. Can this be installed on Windows OS?

  3. This genuinely answered my issue, thank you!

  4. getting
    Fatal Error!!
    Failed to bind the TCP/UDP port(2425)!
    Address already in use

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