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[How To] Install VirtualBox on RHEL / CentOS

Oracle's VirtualBox is a cross platform virtualization application. It runs on minimum hardware configuration and very easy to use.

To install VirtualBox on RHEL / CentOS using YUM utility:

1) Enable VirtualBox repository:

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualbox.repo

virtualbox.repo file should contain following details:

name=Oracle Linux / RHEL / CentOS-$releasever / $basearch - VirtualBox

2) Install VirtualBox using YUM:

yum install VirtualBox-4.3

Note: Installing VirtualBox using repo and YUM utility minimizes the efforts such as creating virtualbox user, kernel modules, etc.

To install VirtualBox on RHEL / CentOS using RPM:

1) Download the RPM file from here.

2) Install using RPM

rpm -ivh VirtualBox-4.3-4.3.6_91406_el5-1.x86_64.rpm

3) If prompted install the dependencies.

That's it!

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