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[Solved] phpmyadmin connection reset error

phpMyAdmin is a web interface use to work with MySQL database. It is possible to import/export database using phpMyAdmin.
Sometimes, while importing/exporting database connection reset error may occur.

Possible Reason:

The error may occur due to network interruption or PHP memory limit.


If there is no problem with the network connection then try increasing the PHP memory limit by updating memory_limit value in loaded php.ini configuration file. Do not forget to restart Apache service.

In my case, increasing memory limit resolved the problem.

Hope this helps!

Abhijit Sandhan

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  1. Error "The connection was reset"
    File: /usr/share/phpmyadmin/libraries/common.inc.php
    $GLOBALS['PMA_Config'] = new PMA_Config(CONFIG_FILE);
    replace with:
    $GLOBALS['PMA_Config'] = new PMA_Config();

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