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[Solved] Error installing sqlite3, Failed to build gem native extension

Ruby on Rails often requires various gems and sometimes its a roller coaster ride to install them.
For me, installing sqlite3 gem on Ubuntu was not straightforward as I was receiving error as below:

Error installing sqlite3 ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension

After doing some search, I found the solution which worked for me on Ubuntu operating system.

Step 1:

It was found that the below lib dependency was missing which is required for installing sqlite3 gem. So install libsqlite3-dev package first using Ubuntu apt-get utility.

Install missing dependency:

sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev

Step 2:

Post resolving dependency as in step 1, now proceed with installing sqlite3 gem using gem command.

Install Ruby on Rails sqlite3 gem:

sudo gem install sqlite3

That's all ! If this doesn't work for you then please comment your problem with error message and operating system name to help further.

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