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Qmail commands and logs in Plesk Linux server

Plesk uses Qmail as mail server on a Linux server.

Here are some useful commands related to Qmail mail server.

Hope you find them informative and helpful ! 🙂

1) Start Qmail service

service qmail start

2) Stop Qmail service

service qmail stop

3) Status of Qmail service

service qmail status

4) Qmail log on Plesk server


5) To view the amount of messages currently in your outbound queue


6)To list out all messages in your outbound queue


7) To read the entire contents of an email

Including headers, where NNNN is the 8 digit ID specified on the /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread command

find /var/qmail/queue -name NNNN| xargs cat | less

8) To remove specific mails from mail queue

qmail-remove -r -p
qmail-remove -r -p

This will remove all emails in queue with “” in it
Note: It requires qmail-remove install on server

9) Mailbox location in Plesk


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