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[How To] Change or Update document root of domain in Plesk

To change document root of the domain in Plesk control panel, please follow simple steps as below: 1) Login in…

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Qmail commands and logs in Plesk Linux server

Plesk uses Qmail as mail server on a Linux server. Here are some useful commands related to Qmail mail server.…

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Fix phpMyAdmin file not found 8443/domains/databases/phpMyAdmin/export.php

While exporting database from WebAdmin in Plesk, you might end up with an error as   File not Found can’t…

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Plesk logs file location on Linux server

While troubleshooting with Linux + Plesk server combination one has to check various log files to find out the exact…

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How to create wildcard subdomains in Plesk

Many times you may want to have as well as * point to the same site in Plesk control…

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Plesk error Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist

If  you are using Plesk and MySQL you may get a error while adding a MySQL database user to a…

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