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Plesk logs file location on Linux server

While troubleshooting with Linux + Plesk server combination one has to check various log files to find out the exact problem. I always felt inconvenient and wanted all the log files of Plesk to be present together for easy troubleshooting and hence came up with this post.

I hope this post will help you guys for easy troubleshooting of Plesk control panel.  🙂

 Apache logs location on Plesk


Apache Suexec logs location on Plesk


Access and Error logs for a specific account / user / website on Plesk


Server logs location on Plesk:


Named (Bind) logs location on Plesk:


MySQL logs location on Plesk:


or the path defined at /etc/my.cnf

WatchDog logs location on Plesk:


Mail logs including Qmail and Postfix location on Plesk:


Ftp logs on location Plesk:


SSH logs location on Plesk:


Tomcat logs location on Plesk:


Mailman logs location on Plesk:


Cronjob Logs:


Horde Logs:


Plesk Access and Error logs location:


 If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

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