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Different ways to reset / change / update cPanel password

The WHM cPanel control panel is widely used control panel for account management by many hosting companies. cPanel provides easy user interface to manage the account to its customers and thus making hosting providers life bit easy.

The user has to login into the cPanel hosting account control panel using user ID and password. The cPanel account password reset / change / update may be required if:

  • A user has forgotten his cPanel credentials.
  • The Web hosting provider is forcing it's user to change / reset / update cPanel password at regular intervals.
  • A user wants to reset / update / change cPanel password as part of scheduled tasks.

This article explains different ways to reset / update / change cPanel account password.

Option 1:

Reset / Update / Change cPanel account password from cPanel control panel

  • Login to the cPanel with login url as http://yourdomainame.tld:2082 or https://serverHostName.tld:2083
  • At the top of your right hand side near logout option, Click on the drop down icon present near cPanel username - > Click on Password & Security option as shown in below image.


  • You will be taken to Password & Security page from where you can provide your existing cPanel password and the new cPanel password.


  • Once everything is green then click on change password domain and your will be redirected to the success page and back to cPanel login page.
  • Try to login into the cPanel using the new password now.
  • If you are not able to login with the new cPanel password then try clearing your browser cache, cookies. Do not try more than 2 times unsuccessful cPanel login attempts as your IP may get blocked after 3 unsuccessful attempts. In this case contact your web hosting provider to reset the cPanel password.

Option 2:

Reset / Update / Change cPanel account password from WHM control panel

  • If you are a support executive or web hosting manager and have access to WHM control panel then cPanel user password can be changed / reset / updated from WHM.
  • Login to the WHM control panel using link https://serverHostName.tld:2087 as a root user.
  • Post login go to Home -> Account Functions  -> Password Modification panel and search to select the cPanel user or domain account to reset the password.


  • As shown in above image, the page will display above details and options. To reset / change / update cPanel account password of User "test", provide the new password in the "Change Password" field as highlighted in above image.
  • Once the password is chosen then click on "Change" option to reset / change / update cPanel account password and the page will be re-directed to password change confirmation page.

Option 3:

Reset / Update / Change cPanel account password from Command Line using Shell to the Web Hosting Server

  • Login into the server using SSH as a root user.
  • Run the following script provided by cPanel from command line to reset / change / update cPanel account password of User. Example: Username is "test".
/scripts/chpass test Lt3Vde65gQ


/scripts/chpass is a cPanel password reset / change / update script

test is cPanel username

Lt3Vde65gQ is the password

Note: The password should not contain special characters.

  • The command will display as success result post successful cPanel user password update/ reset / change.
Password fortest” has been changed.
  • Don't forget to synchronize the new password with the default FTP cPanel username using below the cPanel script.

 If any feedback, queries are always welcome!

Last Update : 10/01/2019

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  1. very great post, thanks very much I've changed about 300 accounts passwords, if you the perl error:

    "Cant modify constant item in scalar assignment..."

    just put the line:


    into the /scripts/chpass file and its done!

    thanks very much Abhijit ! Regards

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