[How To] Activate, Deactivate call forwarding, call divert in Reliance Jio

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Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd has commercially launched its 4G services and dual sim users already have started using  Reliance JIO for using high speed data services at cheapest cost in the telecom industry. But there are some areas where JIO is still working on their network coverage. In such cases JIO 4G users can still receive incoming calls on their JIO number by forwarding them on another alternative number and that too free of cost.


Prerequisites - JIO4GVoice App if your mobile doesn't support VOLTE. JIO4GVoice App is available on Google Play Store and iTunes Apple Store

Activate call forwarding / call divert from JIO to another mobile number:

The call forwarding / call divert can be activated to alternate mobile operator mobile number by dialing below short codes depending upon your requirement

1. Call forwarding Unconditional - *401*<10 digit number>
2. Call forwarding - no answer- *403*<10 digit number>
3. Call forwarding - busy - *405*<10 digit number>
4. Call Conditional call forwarding - not reachable-*409*<10 digit number>

Example: If you want forward / divert calls to alternate number say 900000000 then dial *401*900000000 from your JIO number.

Deactivate call forwarding / call divert from JIO to another mobile number:

The call forwarding / call divert can be deactivated by dialing below short codes depending upon your activation type

1. Call forwarding Unconditional - *402
2. Call forwarding - no answer - *404
3. Call forwarding - busy - *406
4. Call Conditional call forwarding - not reachable -*410
5. All forwarding - *413

Example: Dial *402 from your JIO number to deactivate unconditional call forwarding.

Reference - JIO Help & Support

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  1. wow..!!! Great article ...after reading this article nw i understand how to activate and deactivate call forwarding and diverting of reliance jio., this will help me a lot.Thank you so much for this valuable post...

  2. thank you, the codes worked.

  3. thanks, its working....

  4. Can anyone help me with a USSD code to divert all my SMS from Jio number to a different operator? Is there any such provision?

  5. Camilo Fernando

    Great ! This works for me! Thank you Abhijit.

  6. I was started forwarding my jio number to alternative number by using USSD *21*#
    it has worked.

    But now I can't stop or cancel it.

    (From my earlier experience, I know how to start call forwarding and how to cancel it. That start USSD is *21*# and Cancellation USSD is #21#)

  7. nyce bro

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