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[How to] Whitelist Cloudflare IP's in Wordfence

The Wordfence Wordpress plugin protects the website from hackers, malwares & brute force attacks. It acts a firewall between website and the visitor.
However, many a times the plugin might block Content Delivery Network (CDN) IP's in some situations & depending on the rules set.If you are using Cloudflare as CDN and Wordfence plugin then it is important to whitelist Cloudflare IP's to make sure Wordfence doesn't block them.

In this post you will get to know the steps to Whitelist Cloudflare IP's in Wordfence and prevent Wordfence from blocking Cloudflare.

Step 1 :

Open the below web URL's where you will get the list of Cloudflare's IPv4 and IPv6 IP's.

Step 2 :

In Wordfence go to "Firewall Options". Once the page is loaded, got to the "Advanced Firewall Options" option.
In that, Copy paste the list of IP's from the URL's provided in Step 1 under "Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules".

Step 3 :

Make sure all the IP's are paste on separate lines. Save the changes in the Wordfence and flush the all the caches if any WordPress cache plugin is in use. Delete the permanently blocked Cloudflare IP's from Wordfence.

Step 4 :

Login into the Cloudflare account and purge all cache of the website.

Hope this helps!

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