How To set Jio Caller Tune from JioSaavn app

Jio, an Indian telecom industry service provider has recently integrated its Jio Music app with Saavn app giving users a new app called as JioSaavn. The integration will provide enhance user experience, diverse songs collection, etc.

JioSaavn is available for all Jio users on a freemium model. The Jio users will get JioSaavn pro access for first 90 days and then Jio users will still be able to use JioSaavn app with advertisement being displayed in the app.

As Jio Music app is no longer available  and JioSaavn app is now available, many users are trying to set Jio Tunes using JioSaavn app.

Steps to set Jio Caller Tune using JioSaavn on Android and iPhone:

Step 1:

Download/Upgrade/Install JioSaavn application from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes

Step 2:

Login into the JioSaavn by completing first time user setup.

Step 3:

Search for the song you want to set as a Jio Dialer Tune for your number and click on the song to play. The song will start playing and the details of the song will be displayed on the screen. Along with the song details you will get an option "Set Jio Tune" to set Jio Tune as highlighted  in the below image.

Step 4:

Click on the option "Set Jio Tune" and JioSaavn application will prompt to play sample Jio Tune (play button) or set Jio Tune directly by clicking on "Set JioTune" option.

Step 5:

You will receive an SMS as a confirmation that your Jio Caller Tune has been set successfully.



If a specific song doesn't have JioTune option then it will display as "JioTune Unavailable". It means that JioTune for that song is not available. Check the below image for an example.


Please check below post for more options like how to activate / set Jio Caller Tune by SMS or by copying a Jio number's caller tune and how to deactivate Jio Caller Tune :

[How To] Activate Deactivate Jio Tunes Caller Tune free


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